"Strategies" is a comprehensive term employed to encompass sophisticated methodologies for lending and borrowing. These methodologies provide avenues to optimize your capital efficiency.

1) USDC.e Lending Strategy

This strategy enables lenders to optimize their capital efficiency by effectively utilizing their idle lend funds. Conventionally, when a lender seeds capital into their pool, they must await its utilization before accruing interest. In contrast, employing this strategy involves directing any USDC.e utilized as the lending asset through the pool, ultimately channeling it into the AAVE USDC.e lending market. This grants lenders the opportunity to earn an AAVE rate while awaiting the borrowers to borrower their funds on their own terms. Subsequently, when a borrower opts to borrow, the lend funds are withdrawn from AAVE and sent to the borrower.

Implementing this strategy is straightforward and happens on the pool deployment process. If the lend asset you wish to use is USDC.e, you will see the AAVE strategy as an option. Once selected, no additional overhead is required. The smart contracts will handle the rest.

StrategyApplicable Pool TypeNetwork

USDC.e Lending Strategy

Lender First Pool


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