Lend Ratio: A lender is in charge of setting a lend ratio on their loans. A lend ratio is the amount you lend out per one unit of collateral.

Repayment due date: A lender is in charge of setting a repayment due date. A repayment due date is the date by which the borrower repay their loan amount including interest owed.

Fixed Interest Rate: A lender is in charge of setting a fixed interest rate for the borrower. The borrower must repay this at the repayment due date.

Perpetual: occurring repeatedly; so frequent as to seem endless and uninterrupted. Vendor Finance accomplishes that by the means of rollovers.

Rollover: Process of migrating debt and collateral from one pool to a different pool. See Rollover section for more information.

Default: To forfeit your collateral while keeping your loan

Decaying Rate: Annualizes the interest rate throughout the term period. This makes it so whenever someone borrows they are always paying the APR you set as a lender. The rate will gradually decrease throughout the time of the loan period to ensure it hits your target APR.

Strategy: Advanced features that enable a variety of use cases. See Strategies section for more information.

Private Lending Pool: A lending pool that was created to be a private pool. This happens by whitelisting > than 1 address in the pool creation process. See Lender First Pool for more information.

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