Protocol Security

Vendor Finance is committed to ensuring the utmost security for both borrowers and lenders. We back this commitment by subjecting both V1 and V2 to audits and implementing additional security measures such as a bug bounty program, isolated lending pools, and upgradeable contracts.

Any administrative actions that can be taken by Vendor Finance such as whitelisting new tokens sit behind a multisig and timelock.

Upgradeable Smart Contracts

Upon the deployment of a lending pool, it is launched as an independent and isolated smart contract, ensuring the segregation of funds between pools. Furthermore, in the event of an accurate bug report, lending pools can be upgraded at solely the pool owners discretion. This allows pool creators to carefully consider any new changes to any deployed pools before deciding whether they would like to proceed with an upgrade.

Additionally, we encourage collaboration and value external input, welcoming suggestions and cooperation from those proposing upgrades to further enhance our system in the unfortunate case where a bug should arise.

Bug Bounty Program

Vendor Finance pays out bounties on a per-bug basis with the reward varying dependent on the viability and severity of the bug.

To report your findings, please visit our discord and create a ticket. Someone from the team may follow up with questions, and in some cases a proof of concept will be required. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Vendor Finance Protocol Version 1 Audit

Vendor Finance Protocol Version 2 Audit

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