Navigating My Pools Page

Add or Withdraw funds from Pool

At any time before a pool has reached its repayment due date, a lender can always add or withdraw unborrowed lend funds. To do so, navigate to the "My Pools" tab and you will then see the following widget. Type in the number of funds you wish to add or withdraw, or click "Balance" to apply the maximum. Next, click "Add" or "Withdraw" respectively and you will be prompted for wallet approval. Once approved successfully you may proceed with the desired transaction.

Deployed Pool Options

As a lender, after deploying a pool, you will have access to the following options.


Update Fee Rate

Enables lender to change the APR for any of their active pools. Borrowers who have already borrowed before the rate is changed retain their original rate.

Pause Borrowing

Enables lenders to pause their pool, disabling borrowers from borrowing.

Set Rollover

Whitelist pool to enable borrowers to rollover their debt from origin pool to destination pool.

Pool Reactions

If someone has reacted to your pool, the reaction list will show up here.

Feature Pool

Allows lenders to pay a small fee in ETH for their pool to be added to the "Featured Pools" section on the borrow page.

Deployed Pool Information

To see information about pools where you are the lender, simply click on the desired pool from the list to see it's stats.


Collateral price & Borrow Value

Graph displaying the prices of both collateral and lend assets.

Pool Utilization

Shows how much of your pools lend funds have been lent out. Also shows fees earned as well as the strategy rate if applicable.

Active Pools

Pools that have not yet reached the repayment due date.

Expired Pools

Click here to see your pools that have passed the repayment due date. As a lender, you will be able to collect any funds from your pool here.

Collect Pool funds after Repayment Due Date

After one of your pools has reached its expiration date, you can retrieve your tokens from the "Expired Pools" list. Just above the collection button, you'll find information indicating the quantities of lend and collateral assets available for you to collect.

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