Navigating the Create Pool Page

Create a Pool

Lenders can create a pool by using the pool creation widget. Information about each field can be found in the table below the image.



Token that lender wishes to accept as collateral

Lend Token

Token that lender wishes to lend

Lend Ratio (LR)

Describes the relationship between lend token units and deposited collateral units. For instance, an LR of 100 signifies that 100 lend tokens are loaned per unit of deposited collateral

Initial Deposit Amount

Amount of lend tokens you would like to deposit in single pool creation transaction

Due Date

Loan repayment or default deadline.

Oracle Protection

When enabled, automatically disables the pool from being borrowed from if the value of the loan would be greater than the value of the collateral. This is to protect lenders from undercollateralized borrowing.

Once you have selected your initial terms, you will have additional fee rate options.

Field Description

Term Rate Type

Two rate types:

  1. Fixed APR - Annualized at the chosen APR.

  2. Fixed Rate - Constant borrower payment regardless of proximity to due date.


The interest rate applied to the chosen "Term Rate Type"


This acts as a whitelist for private lending. Leave empty to keep pool public. If public, the pool cannot be made private later. The decision to make your pool public or private must happen in the pool creation phase.

Certain strategies are applicable to specific tokens or pool types. Any usable strategy will be displayed here. See Strategies for more information.

Once the preferred terms have been selected, you are ready to review your pool options and proceed with pool deployment.

After your pool deployment transaction successfully completes, the image below will become visible. By selecting "Go To Pool," you will be directed to the "My Pools" page.

Request a Pool

As a borrower, you might encounter situations where the available pool terms do not align with your borrowing preferences. To address this, we've implemented a feature that allows individuals to request customized pool terms. An interested lender can review these requested terms and subsequently establish a pool to accommodate them. While lenders aren't bound to adhere precisely to these terms, they serve as insights into the preferences of borrowers when creating pools.

After selecting "Submit Pool Request," your page will transition into the pool request mode. The interface will closely resemble the process of creating and deploying a pool, with the key difference being that no pool will be deployed, only a request. As highlighted by the prominent banner at the top of the screen, you are now actively engaged in pool request mode.

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