V2 Migration

Here we would like to outline some of the key difference between the first and second versions of the Vendor Protocol.
Q: How is version 2 of Vendor different from version 1?
A: From a user's perspective, version 2 introduces the following key changes:
  1. 1.
    The fee structure has been modified for greater transparency and simplicity. When borrowing, both the lender fee (term rate) and protocol fee amounts are now charged at the time of borrowing. Additionally, the protocol fee has been set at a fixed rate of 0.3% of the borrowed funds, ensuring consistency across transactions. It's also important to note that no fees will be deducted from any defaulted collateral.
  2. 2.
    In version 2, a new feature called "strategies" has been introduced. Strategies allow lenders to make use of their idle funds within a pool. The first strategy offered by Vendor involves depositing the lender's idle funds into an AAVE USDC lending pool. This enables lenders to earn an AAVE rate on their funds before they are borrowed based on their own specified terms. These actions are automated, meaning that lenders don't need to take any additional steps apart from selecting the option to use a strategy during the pool deployment process. Be on the look out for more strategies to come!
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    Lenders now have the ability to seed their pool with lend funds in a single transaction, providing them with greater convenience and flexibility. Even after pool deployment, lenders retain the option to deposit and withdraw funds at their discretion, allowing them to manage their pool according to their needs.